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Prescription Glasses Kingston

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Prescription Glasses in Kingston

If the doctor has prescribed you to wear prescription glasses then there is no reason you should avoid wearing them because gone are the days when wearing prescription glasses was considered old school and nerdy. People, who have perfect vision and no eye-related issues, too tend to wear fake glasses just to make a fashion statement and to give a final touch to a complete look.

Many stores offer a wide range of prescription glasses in Kingston for all genres and age groups of people. You can even get customized glasses designed according to your requirements. Even the designers are working hard to provide you with elegant yet chic frames to suit every occasion and to give you a more energetic and positive look. The fashion industry is progressing, it has taken over every item we can think of and changed it into a trendy version. Likewise, the prescription glasses in Kingston or the rest of the world are not left behind; the designers have invented frames according to weather requirements, and the culture of every region.

Prescription glasses come with a wide range of prescription lenses to choose from. Many stores offer single vision lenses, high refractive index lenses, bifocal or trifocal lenses, progressive lenses, computerized lenses, and photochromic lenses. The selection of lenses is done after the result of your eye exam. The optometrist or the ophthalmologist that you are visiting will recommend which lenses to opt for, according to your eye requirements. Then it is best to choose the perfect frame for your prescription lenses to add a little versatility to your appearance.

If you want to go for a safe and sturdy option then a vintage round or oval frames are the ideal shapes. But they may not appear much trendy so you can also select from tortoiseshell frames, fashion cut glasses, retro flat top glasses or gold-rimmed glasses to stay in the spotlight.


The decision of choosing any particular type of glasses mainly depends on your comfort, lifestyle, budget and mainly your preference, but it’s best to know the pros of wearing prescription glasses daily.

Pros of wearing Prescription Glasses

Eyeglasses give approximate vision which may not be possible with lenses. They are less costly and need not be changed frequently or until and unless they break or get lost. There are minimum chances of prescription glasses damaging your eyes. The design, lens, frame and color can be customized according to your requirements. Glasses tend to shield your eyes from any possible injury. You don’t need to touch your eye directly to put on the glasses and it’s not even time taking to put on glasses like the contact lenses are.

If you are facing any issue while reading a book or a faraway board, if your eyes strain and get a headache by concentrating on your phone or laptop then surely you should get your eyesight checked and invest in a good, sturdy pair of prescription glasses.